Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Class #19

Today, we took a final assessment for Sketchup by creating a model of Somerset VMS, adding the geolocation, and a bus (and painting that bus pink, for extra credit). I made the bus pink and saved it so I could undo changes made prior to the bus, and when I undid the bus and the other changes, I tried adding the bus file back to Sketchup, but it wasn't pink, AND the front half of the bus was missing. So I tried repainting the bus pink the way I did before but it wouldn't work. I ended up not finishing in 1 class period, as I had planned to do.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Class #18

Today, our class was divided in two, but we had the same amount of time in class as we usually do. In class, we worked on our house projects in Sketchup. In the first half of class, I was able to upload my house project file, but when we came back from the assembly, I couldn't open the file in Sketchup.